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UPDATED: Third Circuit Throws Out Pennsylvania Murder Conviction Due to Brady Violations; TCP Brief Instrumental

UPDATE: On August 23,  the Third Circuit Court of Appeals  overturned the murder conviction of James Dennis because prosecutors...
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Former Judges Tell 8th Circuit Effective Counsel for Death Row Inmate Requires Funding

For the second time in two years, a group of former state supreme court justices and former federal appellate and trial court judges...
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Supreme Court Must Clarify Access to Mental Health Experts for Indigent Defendants

The U.S. Supreme Court must clarify its earlier decision that the Constitution requires the government to provide the assistance of...
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Former Prosecutors Seek New Hearing for Texas Man Sentenced to Die Because He is Black

The U.S. Supreme Court should grant a Texas inmate another sentencing hearing because his initial death sentence was based on racially-biased...
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